Monday, March 7, 2011

Takeout at Home: Lishie make Sweet and Sour Chicken

  Lishie has a great cooking blog, and she offers chuckle worthy tips that are super helpful for the meals she offers.  She's the second guinea pig for this takeout at home project, and I **THINK** is making two recipes for the project.  This time around, she made Sweet and Sour Chicken using a homemade sauce. 

Here are some of her thoughts:

This was so flavorful & delicious I'd definitely recommend it. It's much healthier, "clearer" & has less sodium than bottled sauces. We ate it without a carb but next time, I'll make it with white rice on the side.My hubby said, "All you need is the white box." Awesome.

I love the look of this meal, and I think I'm definitely going to steal this one from Lishie, following her rewrite of the directions.  It looks so awesome, combining the deliciousness of takeout with the homemade packed full of veggie.

Thank you, Lishie, for making what looks like a very tasty takeout at home!  Please go check out Lishie's blog; you'll be sure to find something that is DeLish!

1 comment:

Lishie said...

Thanks for the shout out :) It really was so yummy! And yes, my second Chinese takeout will come tomorrow :)

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