Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicken Chimichangas

Dear folks at America's Test Kitchen,
I wasn't going to renew my subscription to Cook's Country, mostly because I'm cheap.  I mean, everything I've made has been good, and nearly everything has been awesome.  But I'm cheap.  And do I really need another magazine subscription?

Well, this recipe sold me.  I'm renewing my subscription.  Yeah, I don't need recipes that take an hour from start to finish.  But this one was awesome.

Sign me up, ATK.  I'm yours.
Mad Men Kitchen

 Chicken Chimichangas Source:  Cook's Country Magazine June/July 2011
1-1/4c low sodium chicken broth
1T minced canned chipotle chile in adobo sauce
1/2c long grain white rice
Salt and Pepper
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, trimmed
1T plus 3c canola oil
1 onion, chopped fine
2 garlic cloves, minced
1t chili powder
1/2t ground cumin
4oz sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
1/3c chopped fresh cilantro
1T all purpose flour
1T water
4 flour tortillas

1.  In a 2 cup liquid measuring cup, whisk broth and pepper.  Mix 1/2 cup of this mixture, rice, and 1/4t salt in a bowl.  Cover and microwave until liquid is absorbed, about 5 minutes.  Meanwhile, pat chicken dry and season with salt and pepper.
2.  In a Dutch oven, heat 1T oil over medium high heat until just smoking.  Cook onion until softened, about 5 minutes, then add garlic, chili powder, and cumin and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.  Add remaining chipotle broth, partially cooked rice, and bring to a boil.
3.  Reduce heat to medium low, add chicken, cover, and cook until chicken's internal temperature is 160 degrees and rice is tender, about 15 minutes, flipping chicken about halfway through.  Remove chicken to a cutting board to rest for 5-10 minutes, then cut into 1/2 inch pieces and return to rice mixture, adding cheddar and cilantro, all in a large bowl.  Wash the pot.
4.  Whisk flour and water in a small bowl.  Microwave tortillas, covered, on a plate, about 1 minute.  Divide chicken mixture into 4.  Working with one tortilla at a time, place 1/4 of the chicken mixture in the center.  Brush edges of tortilla with flour paste, then wrap top and bottom of tortilla tightly over filling (fold side toward center, then fold in the sides--you might want to repaste the last pieces). 
5.  Heat remaining 3c oil in Dutch oven over medium high heat until 325 degrees.  Place 2 chimis, seam down, in oil, and fry until deep golden brown, about 2 minutes a side.  Monitor your oil temperature, keeping it between 300 and 325 degrees.  Drain on a wire rack set inside a rimmed baking sheet.  Repeat with remaining chimis.  Serve.


JazL said...

I don't see the pinto beans like in the original. Where do I add them?

CRS said...

I didn't add pinto beans, but you could add them when you mix the chicken into the rice. Thanks for stopping by!

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