Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bug Tunnel Defense

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I've been introduced to this new, free, online game called Bug Tunnel Defense.  It's not a game I'd ever heard of before, but it's an interesting concept.

Your job is to kill the bugs before they make it to their destination.  You have guns and other weapons you place in their path, but of course, have a limited amount of money.  Bugs can take tunnels (hence, Bug Tunnel Defense), and once you let 25 bugs reach the end, your game is over.

It's an interesting strategy game, but for me, it takes a really long time to play.  Each level has a few sets of bugs (and you can correct your weapon placement by adding more), which means you're sort of just sitting there waiting for the bugs to go for a LONG time.  The graphics aren't really awesome.  I feel like this would have been something that might have been a huge distraction for me ten-fifteen years ago, but it just can't compete with the graphics and other elements of free computer games today.

But The Reading Rainbow kids always said "Don't take my word for it," so neither should you.  This might just be the perfect time wasting strategy game for you!

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