Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink Marshmallows, Take 2

I tried again on the pink marshmallows.  I really want to send these babies into school with A on Valentine's Day.  It looks like that won't be happening.  Although Dorie's instructions say to wait three hours, I had a really hard time getting them off the parchment and they just looked icky.  Plus, they are really..cornstarchy.  I've read other marshamallow recipes that say they need to sit for 12 hours, so I'm going to let them sit overnight and see what happens.



Jar of Ideas said...

i let mine sit for almost a day before i cut them -- my recipe said 12 hrs, but i didn't get to them until i put the baby to bed. if for some reason this recipe doesn't work out, let me know and i'll send you the one i used -- it worked really well (and laurenpetro is the one that recommended it)

CRS said...

It was your suggestion that I let it sit overnight. It still sucked.
I'll try the recipe you used; I have it from your blog. :)

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