Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pizza Bagels


Before my husband and I started living together, I'd never had an English muffin pizza.  He, however had them often as a kid, and so this was something we had for dinners pretty frequently in those early days.  In a lot of ways, this reminded me of those.

A few weeks ago, Kelly at Running Mama Cooks posted a Weight Watchers style of chicken pizza using Pepperidge Farms' Bagel Flats.  Inspired, I went to the store to buy them; one store had only everything Bagel Flats and Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Flats.  I didn't think either of those would work.  I remembered I wanted to try them when I went to a different store; they only had plain.  I guess these things are really popular!  So, I picked up the plain.

As I said, I was inspired by Kelly, but I also went for something easy for lunch.  Plain bagel, homemade marinara sauce, topped by shredded mozzarella.  It was so good, but I also thought it would be delicious with a burger inside.

Today, I stepped it up a tiny bit and topped it with diced red pepper.  Again, really tasty, but also sort of...plain bagel.  I really want to try this again using those everything bagel flats!

My husband has eaten about half the package of Bagel Flats just as regular bagels.  He commented that he's been having them 2 at a time, but this is a huge step for him, since he typically eats two bagel shop bagels.

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