Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mad Men Kitchen Tour

Design tips welcome and appreciated.  Organization and mess control tips would also be awesome!!


If I had a tripod and a pretty dress, I'd stand there with that icy expression. See the bread box? My grandmother has it too; hers holds bread, ours is overflowing with plastic grocery bags.


Is this a convenience Betty had?  I'm not sure; it sort of looks like she has one next to the sink in the picture above.  We couldn't live without ours.

Betty, and my grandmother too, have wooden shelves around their window.  Obviously, we don't, but we do have that cool scalloped decoration at the top.

You can also see our 1964 kitchen door, which leads to the backyard.


I like standing at the stove and being able to see my family in the family room.  I hate, however, having to stir or work on the stove, and being so confined by that (not to code) brick wall.  It can't be moved, at least, not without moving the stove elsewhere, because that is the chimney.


We have a very large kitchen; it's wonderful.  I prefer eating at this table to our dining room (the blue room through that door) because the kitchen is generally warmer and cozier, especially in the winter time.  I also have a very hard time keeping this table clean.  When junk accumulates on the counter, it typically gets moved here.

Hubby has dreams of knocking down this wall, and making the kitchen and dining room one big room.  I'm not really sure about the idea, because it would be a very long room, and this kind of change is one you can't really go back on if you don't like it.

Speaking of junk, our dirty little secret.  This is where all the stuff we use fairly regularly, but really don't have anywhere else to put.  I'm embarrassed, but maybe someone has an idea or two that can help contain this mess. 

In my dream of dreams, we have a modern looking kitchen.  I'd love an island, perhaps with a sink and or/stove in it.  I love the large kitchen, but feel like the stove/fridge/sink are so far from each other, it makes prep tough.  We have a rolling island that I sometimes use as a prep area, though it's currently out of the way in the dining room, so the boys have room to play in the kitchen.


Lishie said...

OK, you KNOW why I love this post, lo1" The "not to code" brick wall had me cracking up. We fixed our "wood oven wall" issue with our marble backsplash- my idea! You can adhere marble tile to wood- who knew? Apparently me, lol.

Mommy D said...

Thanks for linking up on the Mystery Post hop this week. New GFC follower :)

Wakela Runen said...

Hopping over from Mommy D's. I am a new follower.

Lynette said...

I am such a 1950's fan that I drool on kitchens like this....odd I know. Now the hidden items. the baskets for out of sight but that also makes out of mind moments too. Honestly I would do more baskets for each shelf and label them.

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