Friday, January 14, 2011

Mad Men

I had a brainstorm for a new name for this blog.  No, it has nothing to do with cooking for the cast of Mad Men, if you got here by google search.

My house was built in 1964, about the time that Betty and Don got divorced (sorry for spoiling if you haven't yet seen the show).  The only room that hasn't really been modernized is our kitchen.  It's got beautiful, though they seem old fashioned, wood cabinets (with the same hardware as my grandmother's 1965 kitchen, though hers are shiny copper), brick, and red linoleum floors.  When we moved in, the window had original wood windows, which have since been replaced, but it does still have an original, wood door to the backyard. 

All that's different is that we have a dishwasher, and it's missing the smoke and the disdain.

I've jokingly referred to my kitchen as "The Mad Men Kitchen" for awhile now, so it seems like a way more fitting name for my silly blog than "Nothing to See Here."

So, a new name for a new year!

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