Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frosty Latte


A few weeks ago, I went to a Pampered Chef party at Lauren's, and Brooke was the consultant.  Lauren made this tasty drink using eggnog ice cream, and I figured it would be a tasty treat using the Oreo Cheesecake ice cream I was in love with.

As the only coffee drinker in the house (horror!), I decided to make only one mug of this.  I was fairly shocked that there's almost no coffee by doing so.  Hmm, it barely tastes like coffee... maybe M would like it after all.

Just don't tell him, cause I want to save this yumminess for myself.

I gulped this thing down so fast, despite the fact that today is a snowy day with temps in the 20s.  Delicious.

I used my handy Pooh Bear mug, which was the perfect size (I wish I could find more mugs like this at the Disney Store; it's not so huge like the others they sell!)

and topped it with some more Oreo crumbs.  Yummy!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Yum! Glad it was a success. Maybe I'll have some tonight... mmm.

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