Saturday, April 5, 2008

Margharita Pizza

Before baking:

After seeing Good Eats about pizza last night, I had a craving. I took some bread dough from the freezer (using my bread machine recipe posted somewhere on this blog) and tried to use some of Alton Brown's tips. I even tried tossing the dough in the air. I did drop it in the sink once, and also had some problems with the dough tearing, but I also couldn't wait for the dough to come to room temp!

So this time around, I put garlic powder, olive oil, and Italian seasonings right on the dough. I then used a little bit of marinara sauce (I used Giada's recipe--as much as I had leftover). I put on some mozzarella cheese and some grated Parmesan, and then topped with halved cherry tomatoes and some chopped fresh basil.

Weeeeell, the crust was kind of hard. It wasn't bad in the area with the sauce and stuff, but it was like eating a rock on the part you hold. The toppings were great; I'll definitely be doing that again.

I think I'm going to try Alton Brown's recipe and all of his methods next time, just to see how they work out.

Solid! Solid as a rock! (But still darn tasty)

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