Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies

ATK..coming soon.

These babies are baking and boy do they smell good.

Apparently, the dough was not the best cookie dough The Man had ever had. I wouldn't know, because ever since my neighbor told me a hundred years ago that eating raw cookie dough gives you worms, the mere thought of doing it turns my stomach.

Seven more minutes until the DING!

These were pretty darn tasty. Of course, our finicky oven decided to be just that and the cookies on the lower rack (despite switching them midway) came out very flat and BIG. But they still tasted incredible, and the ones on the top rack look gorgeous!

1 comment:

Erica said...

as a taster of the cookies i must admit to their deliciousness. as a former pastry chef i will say they had the right texture, the crumb was perfect (technical pastry terminology,) and you mixed the ingredients perfectly - which i could tell because the tastiness was consistent throughout the enitre cookie. :)

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