Monday, March 31, 2008

Giada kicks Rachael's boo-tay

From Everyday Italian, and also here.

This was really good! I was nervous, considering how much we disliked Rachael Ray's mushroom ravioli, but we were both pleasantly surprised. The Husband's first response was "This looks weird." Definitely reassuring... but the flavor was fantastic.

I did make some modifications.

Instead of egg roll wrappers, I used won ton wrappers. I also added some garlic to the mushroom/marinara mixture. I used baby bella mushrooms and white mushrooms.

I followed Giada's directions for freezing, but didn't have enough wrappers to do the whole mixture... we'll see how they turn out!

This had a lot of steps, but was pretty easy to make. The results of all that work were well worth it, and the recipe was very good.

I used won ton wrappers, which made about 15 ravioli.

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