Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thai Chicken in Puff Pastry

When I think of Thai food, I generally think of spice, but it also involves a lot of peanut flavors. Robin's interpretation goes with this side of Thai food--peanutty and sweet! A creamy peanut butter sauce is combined with pineapples and ground chicken, and baked inside puff pastry.

I know what you're thinking to yourself, "Ew. That looks gross." It came out of the oven looking great, but when I took it off the pan, it broke apart and as a result, was a pile of mush on the plate. I know they say presentation is a big part of enjoying a meal, but I enjoyed this one nonetheless. BAJ's response was, "I don't DISlike it, but it's kind of weird too." (Thanks, honey). Our almost 3 year old enjoyed it too.

This one had me using the leftovers from the chicken burgers I made the other night. This one took longer than that one, I think, but it was still fairly easy to make! It was my first time using puff pastry, and it came out great.

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