Thursday, May 5, 2011

Porrrk Chops and Appleshauce

For the latest recipe swap, the theme was grilling.  I got a whole meal plan from the lovely Kelly.  We've only had a grill for about a year, so I really didn't know how to grill the pork chops, and so went to the internet.  I found a website that gave great instructions, but my instant read thermometer is still lacking it's battery, so I sort of guessed.  Argggh, they weren't all cooked all the way.

At any rate, M's first comment was "this is a really interesting rub."  I thought it was really tasty, but was nervous The Boy wouldn't like it, claiming it was "too spicy."  He didn't like the pork at all, but didn't say why.

I thought this was an interesting take on pork chops; my husband typically doesn't like them, generally saying they are too dry.  While he wasn't over the moon about this preparation (but he's generally anti pork chop in the first place), he didn't say he didn't like them.

As I said, Kelly gave me a whole meal plan.  In addition to the grilled pork chops, she also gave the recipe for the big hit of the night, Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes.  Everyone (except for the Babe, who seems to have an anti mashed potato texture thing going on right now) enjoyed these. 

Finally, Kelly made roasted asparagus (which I LOVE, but hubby will not touch), so I chose to make Roasted Broccoli, using a recipe from Food Network Kitchens.  Well, the parts that weren't blackened were pretty tasty, but those that were were pretty bad.  I couldn't figure out how to peel the broccoli stalks, despite reading a few tutorials online, so so just used the florets.  Gotta learn how to do that so I don't feel so wasteful.

Also, like Kelly, I made applesauce to go along.  Another hit here; I used Baked Applesauce, but since it was my intent to feed it to both kiddos, I used four small apples and one T of brown sugar.  It was still devoured by all four of us, so I will continue to reduce the sugar.

Thank you, Kelly, for the inspiration to make a complete meal using fresh ingredients!  I probably never would have tried pork chops on the grill without the recommendation.

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