Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hot Dog Rolls

I didn't take pictures of these, because they didn't come out awesome or pretty.

So, I'm looking to save money.  I'm concerned about what's in our food, stuff like HFCS (which is in just about every bag of rolls in the bread aisle, except the potato rolls), too much sugar and salt, etc.  So, while making bread at home is a daunting task, I figured I'd go for it.  What do I have to lose?  Annie has great recipes that, thus far, have been pretty foolproof for me, so I gave it a go.

When Annie made her rolls, she made hamburger buns and not hot dog rolls.  So, I followed the original recipe's directions, from King Arthur flour.  It seemed strange to me that the directions suggested making the dough into 18 pieces, while Annie divided into 9.  Maybe that's where things went wrong.  I had a very hard time getting the pieces to be equal, and so some rolls were really large while others were teensy.

They didn't at all come out like hot dog rolls.  They are much firmer than the ones you'd buy at the store.  That's not to say they're not tasty, because we've been snacking on them, but they weren't so great as hot dog buns.

I'll be trying again another time, and if you have the gumption to try, go for making your own hamburger/hot dog buns.

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