Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pan Seared Chicken with Hearty Brown Ale Sauce

This one can't be found on the internet, being ATK and all. Well, that's not completely true since I did find a hit on the Cook's Illustrated website, but am not going to pay the fee to see if it's the right recipe when I have the recipe in my book, KWIM? Anyway, this was pretty stinking good. I must say, these ATK folks do know what they're doing, and I encourage you to check out their cookbooks out, either buy purchasing or by seeing if your local library has any!

Here's the brown ale I used:

Mmm, beer. If you haven't tried Leinenkugel's, I do recommend you do.

Trying out the apeture settings on my camera. Looks good, huh?

As you can see, I served with roasted red potatoes, and some frozen vegetable side dish. We liked both the chicken and the potatoes, although the side dish has been retired. I'm not sure what I used as inspiration for my roasted potatoes, but do know that I played with it a bit... wish I remembered what I did because they came out great!

Made on March 5.

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