Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am not a baker.

I am queen of the boxed cakes. I love frozen cookie dough fundraisers because it's an easy way for me to have delicious warm cookies. So, WTF am I doing baking cookies this year for Christmas, especially when I have about 10,000 things on my plate?

Here's what I've accomplished tonight:

1. Peppermint bark--made and sampled. Not bad! So easy! SCORE!
2. Peanut Butter Kiss cookies--made and sampled. Not bad!
3. Chocolate peanut butter Meg Cookies--made and cooling. Looks kinda gross but smells AWESOME. Easy too!
4. Rasperry kisses--ummm, made too small and now my oven is smoking. I will try to salvage the bigger ones and see if it's worth a try again (cause they've been pretty easy thus far).

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