Saturday, December 10, 2011


Wow, I just realized that the fourth anniversary of my first post was this week (December 5).  This blog has been an incredible resource for me, even if not another soul ever looks at it.  I started because the trend on a message board I was reading was to do it.  Yep, the bandwagon.  But really, I wanted to find a better way to organize all the recipes we've tried and loved so that I could access them from anywhere--and this was before I had a smartphone.  Now that I do have a smart phone, I don't wander the grocery store as aimlessly on those nights I don't have a plan for dinner.  Instead, I bring up my website, and instantly have an easy recipe to shop for.

Another way in which it's been a resource for me is that it's challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone.  It's very rare for us to have a meal again.  For better or worse, the challenge to try something new--a new technique, a new recipe, even a new food, is present because I want to blog about it.

On another message board, there's been criticism of bloggers like me.  One person commented that the only food blogs she reads are those with truly original recipes or really beautiful photography.  This bothered me at first, because I have neither of those.  Ever.  But then I stepped back and thought about why I'm doing this.  First, I'm doing this for me--to have all my recipes (and thoughts about them) in one place, to inspire or challenge myself in some new way and to grow (geez, without this, I'd never have tried to conquer the recipes of Dorie Greenspan or some of the other challenges in which I've partaken).  Second, maybe there IS someone who will read this and find my comments and bad photography useful.  If not, that's totally cool because the ultimate goal is part one, but if it does help another person, how could it be bad?

So, happy birthday, "Tales from the Mad Men Kitchen," formerly known as "Nothing to See Here."   You've been super awesome for me!


Lauren said...

You're in good company, sister. Happy Blogiversary. :)

Lishie said...


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