Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I found this in a cookbook from allrecipes. You can also see the recipe here.

This was very easy to make, but not a big hit in our house. BAJ complained the whole time about the beef, but he did eat his entire serving. I just didn't like it, but I'm not such a great test case these days.

I made a few substitutions... I used a cubanelle pepper instead of a bell. I omitted the pepperoni, and used spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce.

There's a picture on allrecipes, and their creation looks very different from mine... perhaps a slice of ham might have changed the texture/flavor instead of the diced ham I used. I also folded my dough in half, instead of creating a log like a typical stromboli... this made it VERY difficult to cut.

I also found that this got overcooked, and came very close to burning after 20 minutes at the recommended temperature.

Soo, maybe I'll make a stromboli this way again, but not with this particular filling.

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