Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gazpacho by Alton Brown

Original recipe here.

I wanted to make something nice and cool because it was so stinking hot. I had never made Gazpacho before, but I knew it was cool, and figured it would be great for the heat. You can never go wrong with Alton Brown, so I went with his recipe, even though it's suggested prep time was longer than many others I found.

This may very well be a fabulous gazpacho, but it was not for us. Perhaps due to my lack of measuring, but BAJ said it tasted like "cucumber/jalapeno soup." I thought it was ok, but not good enough to keep on eating. My friend liked it, or at least she SAID she did.

I think I might try making Gazpacho again, and maybe even this one (it's so highly rated on and across the internet,) but this time it was just not good.

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