Saturday, June 27, 2009

Appetizer night

We are hosting another appetizer night tonight. We get together with friends of BAJ's from high school about once a month...sometimes we stay in, sometimes we go out. The past time we got together that we "hosted," we did an appetizer night, with much success (See here) so we decided to do the same again.

I've already made Minty Lime Freeze, from Kraft Foods. I obviously haven't had it prepared, but did sneak a taste of the whipped topping, and it was yummy.

Since I have a LOT of mint leftover, I'll also make mojitos, which I've never had before... what better time than now!

I'm also making Is It Really Better Than Sex? Cake by Paula Deen, which I have made previously with success.

Finally, I'm making Crab Rangoon, which I LOOVE when we go to PF Chang's.

 photo AlexsRoom079.jpg

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