Thursday, February 26, 2009

on meals...

I have been preparing dinners. It's just that none of them are really of interest. I have been partly lazy in my desire to not go to the grocery store, but also after straightening out our pantry, I realized how very much food we have that is getting replaced. I've been lazy and I've been wasteful, so my goal is to go for as long as possible without hitting up the grocery store. We've been to BJs and to a farmer's market, plus I got diapers at Shoprite, but otherwise, I haven't gotten any groceries.
We've had lots from the freezer--I've been much better about trying to defrost the night BEFORE the meal.
Tonight, we had some pierogies from the freezer, although we are out of sour cream. Since we didn't have quite enough for both of us, I also made a veggie side dish. Yeah, we both didn't eat as much as we would have normally, and will be more likely to snack as the evening wears on, but I'm still happy.

This would be a whole lot easier if M would eat beans, regular pasta with sauce, or mac and cheese. Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art

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