Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pasta Puttanesca

Whore's pasta. What a name for a yummy dish. Of course, "whore's pasta, whore's pasta" was going through my head as my son was chowing down. And anything he enjoys definitely gets an extra star for me. We enjoyed it too, and it is reasonably healthful too!
This is a recipe my mother in law gave me a long time ago. Actually, it was in our first apartment together that this was made for the first time, and in fact, BAJ made the recipe that first time. I went for it this time, and was so pleased that it was a pantry meal. No groceries necessary was so important because it was pouring rain yesterday and I nixed the grocery trip.

This came out so great, and it was really easy to put together too! I'll post the recipe soon.

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